Tuesday, July 10, 2007

making a splash

I just got back from a relaxing holiday weekend in Palm Desert. I had fun messing around with an underwater digital camera. Here's a few pics I took.

My cousin Amy and Uncle Brian enjoy the sun.

My mom tries not to sink.

Brian smiles upon us all.

Amy shows off her triple Lindy dive.

My poker face.

Grandma asks Wes why he hasn't opened either of his beers.

Now back to working on my story for Hard Ei8ht vol. 2!!!


Rankinstein said...

Glad you had fun, man!
That last photo is a PERFECT bio shot for volume 2!

Brian Growe said...

You are the master of vacations as well!

St John Street said...

Man that looks like so much fun that exactly I need it's hot as hell out here and room is like an easy bake oven. Glad you like the horse he was my favourite talk about bad ass well stay fresh !!!