Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Booth 1034!!!

For most of the year, San Diego is a sleepy little waterfront village known mainly for its abundance of salted water, its illegal whaling operations, and the feral hamsters that terrorize its dirt paths. But for 5 magical days in July, it becomes the mecca of all nerdom. For that is when the Comic Con comes to town.
I will be joining my fellow Hard Ei8ht Godfathers at booth 1034. We will have many wondrous items, hand crafted and personally tasted for your enjoyment. Some of the curios you may find at our trading post include copies of the Book of Hard Ei8ht volume the first. Some say it was written by a mad hermit and painted with brushes made from his own hair and paints made from his own kidney stones. Others say that within its words is a secret recipe for eternal life! While others still say it's a really cool graphic novel featuring 9 stories by some of the animation industry's newest talent.
But that's not all we'll have for you, oh no, there is more. We will have artists sketchbooks, the likes of which you have never seen before! Unless you've been to comic con before, then you've probably seen artists sketchbooks, but these are really really good and will add that much needed curb appeal to your bookshelf. We'll even sign em for ya! Or if you wish, we'd be happy to sketch in them for you, which is much easier since most of us are illiterate.
Right now you must be thinking, "Surely that is enough, there can not possibly be anything else you could have to offer!" Well my friend, you have thought wrong. We'll also have poker chips, prints, the living soul of a man named Bill Buckley, and more!
Also make sure to stop by and stare in wonder at our rare posters that can see in to the FUTURE!! These posters were made by mystics and heretics to give you a peak at the stories that will be revealed in the upcoming Hard Ei8ht vol. 2!! What fate shall befall the man that tampers with the fabric of time itself!? An awesome one!
Behold this sneak peek of the sneak peek I myself conjured for the San Diego Comic Con! But be warned, once you have seen it, you may have tampered with the space time continuim and you might turn into a singing chimney sweep. Which isn't so bad really if you think about it. Anyways, BEHOLD!

"Blymy! 'at's one 'eck of a posta guvna!" You say, "But 'ow can I find ya? ello ello."
Well, outside of just going to booth 1034, you can just take a left at "The Those Guys". Or you can look for the fine folks wearing these designs on their shirts.
Right now I'm only planning on making shirts for us at the booth, but if you're interested in buying one, please let me know in the comments section and I might make a few extra.

Hope to see you in San Deigo!


Garrett Shikuma said...

Those are some fine lookin shirts!

Its gonna be a blast in San Diego! Woo Hoo!

Anne-arky said...

Yeah! I want a shirt!

GirlsDrawinGirls is at B7, btw...:P

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Can’t wait to be sportin’ one o’ them there shirts, man! And great poster!

Ryan Kramer said...

can't wait for Hard eight......inches (hehehehe)

AstroGuaje said...

I want a hard eight shirt¡¡
Awesome ilustration.

Brian Growe said...

Yay for booth 1034! See you guys next week!

St John Street said...

Love that top poster G an the red and black look of the other 2 all the best at the Con go rock the house thanks so much for stoppin by I'll hook u up with some monkeys g it all good monkeys are so dope well hope your good an the fam as well stay fresh as ever !!!


Anonymous said...