Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wisdom in my Armpits

So my usual antiperspirant was discontinued apparently so I had to search for a new antiperspirant. This was quite the daunting task since I've been buying the same one for the past ten years or so. The first one I tried was a clear gel deodorant. I didn't know it was going to dry like hair gel! Everyone's heard the joke about Don King in a head lock, but this made it look like i had Zach Braff in a headlock. So after one use, I either had to shave my armpits or buy another deodorant. Well, I already spend enough money on razor cartridges just shaving my legs so I decided to try out another deodorant. When I brought this new deodorant home and popped of the cap, like a fortune cookie, there was wisdom on the inside!I feel good knowing that I have a deodorant that finally has the balls to tell it like it is. I need to take more risks and now I have the odor blasting, perspiration pounding deodorant that a man on the go like myself needs. Smell that world? That's the smell of freedom and it's coming to put you in a headlock!

In other news, I now have over 3000 profiles views. wow. Granted that 2500 of those are probably me, i didn't think that many people actually look at this place. Thanks for stopping by!


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! "Smell that, world?" Ah man, your funk is the best kind. Love that truck too. It's a shame about the job, I wish you would have landed in there. CNC Wednesdays would have been that much more fun.

GhettoFab said...

Dood sorry to hear bout the test. Some excellent pieces. I commend you for doin the dirt cause Im too chicken to even try for over there. That would be the dream job!Looks like you will get on there you keep hammering away

Fantastic blog btw way bookmarked and lovin it

Brian Growe said...

Awesome drawerings Chia, you'll get in there eventually!

St John Street said...

That some funny stuff bro thanks so much for stoppin by your words made me laugh I imagine your probably right hope to see more from you take care and stay fresh !!! LOL


Lauren said...

Wow! So deep! So insightful. Whenever I need direction in life, now I know it's just a deoderant stick away.