Friday, August 03, 2007

Post Comic Con Madness!

With the 2007 convention season over, it's time to move the few remaining items we have left. We did well this year, but we need to make room for all the cool Hard Ei8ht volume 2 stuff coming in 2008! So to help move our last box of Hard Ei8ht volume 1 and our few remaining t-shirts, we are now offering them through paypal with FREE shipping! It looks like there's shipping on the first Paypal page, but when you proceed to checkout, it isn't added into your final total. But that's not all, from now until August 8th we're also selling Hard Ei8ht vol. 1 at a discounted price of only $15!! That's $4.95 off the cover price! There's no better way to prepare for volume 2 than by picking up volume 1!

Preview a couple pages at our Flickr page
or just
Buy it here!

For our shirts, we offer a men's shirt design and a ladies shirt design. Both are silkscreened on high quality 100% cotton black shirts, the only difference are the men's shirts are a standard t-shirt cut and the ladies T's are cut for ladies. They are both double silkscreened for durability and to be long lasting.

For the guys:

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For the Ladies:

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coming soon- Prints!

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Mac McCool said...

I have one of those!!! :-)