Saturday, May 02, 2009

PV half marathon

So I finished the PV half marathon today. It was my first and I was a bit nervous. Surprisingly, I didn't have much trouble with the uphill grades, but the downhills were rough on my joints. Here are my stats according to my ipod nike+ gadget.


Brian Growe said...

Lookin' lean and mean Master! When will that partying young lady I saw you running with that one time get her act together like you? These party days are never gonna end! Woooo!

Mac McCool said...

I admire you, Erich!!! Not just for shedding the weight, but for running marathons!!! AWESOME!!!!

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Chris Kennett said...

Hey Erich Amazing effort on your weight loss mate. You're still looking great a year on :) Was great meeting you and seeing your awesome book at CTN. Not sure if I'll be making it again next year but I'd really love too.

Nice work on your blog, but I reckon you're overdue for a new post. I'll be back to check ;)

Keep in touch


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