Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Rockin' at 30

I am officially old. I had a shared birthday party on January 17th (my actual birthday) with my cousin who is turned 18. We both enjoy playing the Guitar Hero World Tour so we decided on a rock club theme and there was a "battle of the bands". So for the event I made 2 rock inspired posters with each of us as a headliner.
Here is mine. 

The band I was in wound up taking third place, but I think it was clear that we were number 1 in the hearts of the audience.


Alex Deligiannis said...

Jesse And The Rippers has nothing on you guys.

Brian Growe said...

That super-skinny rockin' caricature of yourself was right on, you are the super-skinny rockin' master!

The Gute said...

Uh, I believe it was Rock Band 2 that we rocked out to.

Unknown said...

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