Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Joke's on Me

So I went to the Best Buy Dark Knight midnite sale this morning. I had already pre-ordered the DVD online for in store pick up so I wasn't worried about that. What I had gone to the midnite sale for was the Joker figurine and the freebie Joker card. Unfortunately, the store wasn't prepared for a mass influx of nerds and had received only 6 Joker figurines which quickly went to the first 6 people. Also, the particular Best Buy I went to (Torrance) didn't receive any of the freebie cards. So my midnite excursion was all for nothing. The Best Buy staff on hand was very courteous and apologetic, plus it's not their fault, so I sort of felt bad for them dealing with all us grumpy nerds. Just too bad whoever does the ordering for this store fell asleep at the wheel. The good news is, the Joker figurine is now available to order at the Best Buy website, so I should be getting one tomorrow in Hawthorne. Nerd! 


Alex Deligiannis said...

Such a nerd, you are. The Joker figure actually wasn't that appealing to me (thanks for the email heads-up though). The one I regret missing out on is the animated Hellboy figure that came with the DVD. I suppose that makes me a nerd too, so we're alike. Except you're thinner.

Brian Growe said...

Dang Master that's good!