Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Dumb Century

So as of last Sunday, I have hit the century mark. That is, on Sunday I weighed in at 228lbs, which puts me over 100lbs less since my heaviest weight of 330lbs in 2006. That also puts me at around 64lbs less then when I started on the weight loss competition with Alex "Skinny Toon" Deligiannis back in March. I'm excited to see where we're both at when we reach the end of the competition in mid September. Hopefully I'll be able to give Alex some competition by then.

For comparison, here is a lil pic I took tonite and the one under it is the pic I took a few months back.

I still have alot that I need to lose, but every little bit is a step forward.

In other news, make sure to stop by the Hard Ei8ht blog and check out all the beautiful pictures that that skinny so-n-so Alex took to show off our new graphic novel anthology Hard Ei8ht vol. 2! Also, if you haven't picked it up yet, we have convenient buttons up at the blog where you can order it and we'll ship it out to you. The book is 164 full color pages of pure awesomeness, guarenteed to make you more awesome by half! How is that not worth 15 meesly dollars?!


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

At this point, I'm not even trying anymore. Holey crap, dood. That's amazing. I bet you can see your toes and everything!

james ramos said...


chrisallison said...

losing all that shit because you're working so hard on a film, i hope. c'mon, you just gotta make one film then you'll be famous. and then you'll steal all mike daley's groupies too.

Dik Pose said...

Fucking great Dude!!! I noticed you looked a lot lighter at con, I kept forgetting to say anything!

I used to weigh 265 pounds in high school, and man, losing weight was the best thing... I still want to get back and finish getting fit, drop to like 165-170 (I am at 195 now)

Rankinstein said...

Don't be fooled, people.
He was smuggling oompa loompas across the border and selling them for half a grand each.

...don't ask me how I know.

But seriously - congrats, man! That's awesome!

Mac McCool said...

TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!! That's discipline, Erich!!! Awesome!!! (and you're sure there's no Photoshopin' goin' on?! Haha! A little After Effects here and there, and voila!). Super Cool!

Martin Hsu said...

omg! That's incredible dude. Very awesome indeed. Keep it up! or down! :D

Felix Lim said...

ur change still amazes me. Sheer determination and self control, I have much respect for that.

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