Tuesday, November 07, 2006


UUGGHH! So I go to start my car this morning and it made a terrible squeaking noise and smoke started to billow out from under the hood. I talked to the mechanic and he said to bring it in after three but when three rolled around and i was about to call for a tow truck, i find out his lot is full and i have to bring it in tomorrow. Waiting another day wouldn't have been too much of a trouble, but it turns out I have to go in for jury duty tomorrow. So in addition to whatever repair cost i got coming up, I had to spend $117 to rent a car so i can frikkin goto jury duty tomorrow. and all i get out of jury duty is something like $6 a day!
But i thought since i'll have so much sitting around to look forward to, i can make alotta sketches while doing so. so here's some recent sketches to post up before doing any new ones.

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(i still don't like that right hand, but i guess it don't matter since i don't really like how that sketch came out in general.)


Todd Oman said...

Damn that sucks about the car, I hope it is working again. You have some cool stuff on your blog, the videos are great. Is Hard 8 a comic you did? Anyway thanks for dropping by my blog. See you tomorrow at Silvers.

flipstudios said...

i really like the sketches on parchement. gives it a cool look. keep er up bro and sorry 'bout the car. i look forward to seeing some courtroom sketching soon.

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME!! Soo animated! WOOHOO!

AstroGuaje said...

beautiful sketches

Osgood McSonogram said...

I love the bloated Unten--the blunten! Ees nihce!!!!

Eren said...

Hahaaa...blunten! Is this what I have to look forward to? Erich these sketches are awesome! I'm totally cereal!

chia said...

Thanks everybody!

Todd- Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's alot of fun checking out your drawings every wednesday, you really need to share more on your blog!
To answer your question, Hard 8 is a graphic novel that some friends and I put together and debuted at the SD Comic Con. stop by hard8comic.blogspot.com for more info.

Andrew- Thanks! It's probably good that I haven't posted any recent stuff cause I been trying to capture some of that great livliness you pack into your sketches and I've been failing miserably.
In regards to those sketches I posted, I like messing around with the tone paper. I stole the idea from master Brian Growe. If you're looking for a toned sketchbook, they sell em at barnes n noble.
As for the courtroom sketches, I didn't get very many done before I got called in to serve on a jury and at that point you can't do anything but listen. Fortunately, the defense lawyer didn't like the cut of my jib and he dismissed me from jury duty just about as quickly as I sat down.

Alina- Thanks for being such a great blog commenter! I love stopping by your blog, it's filled with so much happy.

Astroguaje- Gracias! Your work is always so fun and original at your blog, keep it up!

Osgood- I like the Blunten. Do you like heem?
I think that Borat movie finally answered the question of what it would look like if you and I ever wrestled naked. Who posed that question anyways? I think it was that sicko Garrett Shikuma. What a perv.

Eren- Danke! Ya, I think Blunten is what Wayne is going to look like when he puts his baby fat on. He ages backwards like Merlin or Mork.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Very Appealing. Please post more.

AngelaFerreira said...

hHey there lovely sketches!

El Diego said...

Nice draws!!

Rankinstein said...

Nice work, man. I like the lady in the trenchcoat. Lucky 7 is so cute, I could punch him!

Anonymous said...