Sunday, October 22, 2006

Buy my book!

In case you missed em at the San Diego Comic Con, you can now find my mini art book at Stuart NG books!

Here's what to look for:

The Art of Erich Haeger vol. 1.5 by me
2005 and 2006. 1st. 8vo, color, wraps. Signed. VF. A color portfolio by this young artist-cartoonist (Hard Eight). [21565] $5

Also look for books from contributing Hard 8 vol. 1 artists Alex Deligiannis, Brian Growe, David Colman, Richard Pose, Justin Ridge, Mike Roush, and Stephen Silver!


AstroGuaje said...

Cool blog Chia (thanx you for the visit)

flipstudios said...

thanks for your comment man. this book looks great. i'm realy diggin the bottom left robber here. nice smooth lines and great colour. good luck.

Samy Erdini said...

WOOW, your style, is very cool, I love it!!!

Great Work Man!!!


UrbanBarbarian said...

I need to order some stuff from Stuart anyway! Thanks for the head's up!

Alexiev said...


chia said...

Thanks Astroguaje! Your blog is frikkin amazing and very inspirational!

Thanks to you too Andrew! I'm glad you like the robber since I'm going to try to put them into my comic for HArd 8 vol. 2!

Samy! I love your cartoons! I have no idea what the words say but the drawings are so fun and expressive I don't even I think I need the words! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words!

Hey Dan, I hope you enjoy it. If you or anybody else who has bought the book want some free stickers or a print, please email me a shipping adress and I'll mail em out to you. and please give a heads up whenever you have a book out there, i love your work!

Alexiev, you are Great...