Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scud 23 and a diet

Issue 23 of Rob Schrab's Scud the Disposable Assassin is out now! Go pick it up! Just one more to go! Just like with issue 21 and 22, I had the extreme pleasure to do the artwork behind the credits.

In other news, my good pal Big Toon and I are undergoing a weightloss challenge to see who can lose the most weight in 6 months. So far the soon to be known as Tiny Toon is in the lead, but hopefully I'm close on hsi trail. When we started the challenge about one month ago, I was 292 and as of Wednesday I was about 277. I've made a few dietary recipes and many observations along the way and I might share them here or possibly start another blog devoted to the weightloss challenge.

As you can see, I've got a long way to go in the next 5 months! Here's to our health!


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Unless you gained a 100 pounds the night of Gute's meeting, don't you mean 292? Also, since I'm reading this, maybe I should put away these M&M's. Dammit.

Brian Growe said...

Looking good sir, you are the master.

Anne-arky said...

Awesome! Go Chia!

Scott lost a bunch of weight last year just by biking and walking places instead of driving...don't know if you live close enough to stuff to make that a possibility, but it's a really easy way to get excercise.

Side Burns said...

Way to go! Good luck to the both of you!

Anonymous said...

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