Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Props

Recently I tried to update my portfolio with some Nickelodeon's Avatar inspired props. I'm so used to trying to be cartoony that I found this to be very difficult and it showed me just how bad I am with perspective. All you Avatar fans out there, please feel free to comment and tear these apart.

I also made a couple cars because I think in one of the upcoming third season episodes, Aang is going to get his learner's permit.


Heather said...

Glad to see your still drawing! These are great! I don't think you have a big problem with perspective; very tiny errors ;) Keep up the good work.

Lots of Love,

Todd Oman said...

I thought they looked pretty damn cool, much much better than I could ever draw a prop.

AstroGuaje said...

WOWWWW, fantastic work¡¡¡¡
I love avatar and This awesome car :)

spleenal said...

You work on avatar?
you bastard I hate you.
And love you.
love your work
hate the whole "i'm not you" thing.
Maybe if I worked on avatar i'd get some respect from my kid.
Maybe not.

spleenal said...

oh. I just read the words in your blog. so you don't work on avatar.
I feel like a bit of a dick now.
I still love your stuff though. I mean it fooled me didn't it.
And if it makes you feel better I don't work on avatar either.
I don't even work on Ben 10.

Stephen Studios said...

wow! These props are beautiful! Its awesome that you work on Avatar, its such a great show!