Friday, September 29, 2006

Hard 8 Video Teasers

The super talented Ben Pluimer recently uploaded the Hard 8 video teasers he put together for us on to youtube. Thanks Ben and also thanks to Jason Makiaris, Chris Tallman and Derek Wallace who were kind enough to lend their amazing voice talents to the videos!

This first clip is a teaser of the Hard 8 vol. 1 story by the dynamic Deligiannis duo, Alex and Eman!

This next clip is a videoization of my own Hard 8 story from Vol. 1.

This last teaser is one I edited together hours before the San Diego Comic Con. I just wish my amateurish after effects skills were better so I could've better shown off the Hard 8 story by the talented and down right cuddly Matt Roberts and Eren Blanquet-Unten.

I would also like to thank David Hartman who provided voice work for Garrett Shikuma's Hard 8 vol. 1 story but the video is still a work in progress.


Stephen Studios said...

really awesome! after reading the comic and then seeing this it really clarifies somethings I didnt get at first! Great work!


potato farm girl said...

Those were cool, multimedia movies to go along with the book!

william wray said...
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william wray said...

I did this about 3 or 4 years ago with one of my comics, but used a flash animator to do some simple mouths. It came out pretty good, but I never showed it becase of who it was based on. the point bing that I think it's an easy step (with some planning) to take a comic strip right into animation.